Resident Resources

    A Pediatric Critical Care library maintained by Dr. Basem Alsaati. It contains extensive resources related to Pediatric Critical Care.
  • NICUniversity
    NICUniversity provides neonatologists and other members of the professional neonatology community with continuing education, as well as cutting edge neonatology research and information. Registration is required, but is free.
  • Postgraduate Medical Education Office at Queen's
    The web site of Postgraduate Medical Education office at Queen's. This site contains important information about all residency programs at Queen's, including eligibility and important policies.
  • Queen’s One45 Evaluation Site
    Access to the One45 Evaluation site
  • Am I On?
    Access on call schedules for Pediatrics here.
    Web site of Professional Association of Internes and Residents of Ontario (PAIRO).
  • CAIR Web Site
    Web site of the Canadian Association of Internes and Residents.
  • Resident Vacation Request
    Instructions on how to request vacation from your Pediatrics rotation