Resident Research

Participation in a scholarly research project is a Royal College requirement. Residents from Queen’s have been successful in many research projects. Residents have presented at national and international pediatric conferences with their research, including the annual CPS conference and PAS.

Residents are required to participate in and complete a research project. A mentor is assigned to each resident to assist in this process. Training in research methodology is provided in first year.

All residents will be expected to present at the annual Pediatric Research Day. This will be held as a forum for presentation and discussion of resident research projects, as well as any other basic science or clinical projects affiliated with the Department of Pediatrics. Presentation should be made to the other residents and staff, plus an expert panel consisting of a moderator, prominent in research and a statistician or epidemiologist to critique the project methodology, statistical analysis, tabulation of results and appropriateness of the conclusions.

Annual participation is mandatory. Ongoing work such as literature reviews or interim results can be presented by residents who have not completed their projects. A prize will be awarded to the resident with the best presentation.