Our History Timeline

  • 1854

    Founding of Queen's Medical School


  • 1861

    First mention of course in Child Health

    Taught by Michael Lavell MD, Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children

  • 1898

    "Pediatrics" first appears in Medical Calendar

    Dr. I.W. Wood listed as Professor of Obstetrics and Lecturer in Pediatrics

  • 1898

    St. Andrew's Ward opens at KGH

    Ward opens on the new 3rd floor at Kingston General Hospital, the first dedicated children's ward with 8-10 beds

  • 1905

    Dr. I. W. Wood promoted

    Dr. Wood promoted to Professor of Pediatrics but teaching remains under Department of Obstetrics as a separate course

  • 1910

    Dr. Wood passes away


  • 1919

    Dr. H. E. Day takes over lecture in pediatrics

    Dr. Day takes over lecture in Pediatrics from Dr. Mylks. He is appointed clinical asst. in Pediatrics in 1920

  • 1922

    Dr. R. R. MacGregor is appointed Clinical Asst.

  • 1923

    Dr. MacGregor is made Asst. Prof of Medicine


  • 1925

    Dr. MacGregor appointed Professor of Pediatrics


  • 1927

    Doran Wing at KGH is children's hospital

    Doran Wing at KGH repurposed as Children's Hospital with 30 beds

  • 1929

    First research paper from Dept. of Pediatrics published

    First research paper from Department of Pediatrics published. It describes a case of amyotonia congenita

  • 1939

    Dr. J. Delahaye becomes Clinical Asst. in Pediatrics


  • 1941

    Dr. O' Connor opens pediatric practice

    Dr. Fergus O'Connor Jr opens pediatric practice in Kingston and establishes 45 bed Pediatric Ward at Hotel Dieu Hospital

  • 1951

    Pediatrics granted $50,000 from ACF

    Chair in Pediatrics at Queen's University established with grant from Atkinson Charitable Foundation. Pediatrics at KGH said to be 81 beds

  • 1951

    Dr. Bryans and Dr. O'Connor join Dept of Pediatrics


  • 1951

    First Pediatric Resident Physician appointed

    Dr. J. Nelles appointed. Residents complete initial 2 years in Kingston and most finish in Toronto

  • 1953

    Angada Children's Wing opens at KGH

    Opens with 80 Beds after generous gift from The Shriners and other donors. Total pediatric beds in Kingston is 125

  • 1957

    Dr. Bryans succeeds Dr. MacGregor

  • 1959

    Pediatric Resident Staff increased to two

    Pediatric Resident Staff increased to two and program officially recognized

  • 1961

    Dr. Partington joins Dept of Pediatrics


  • 1964

    Innovative Moose Factory Program initiated

    Innovative Moose Factory Program initiated by Drs. Bryans, Delahaye, Partington and Read

  • 1965

    Dr. N. Simpson joins Dept as Medical Geneticist


  • 1965

    Newborn Treatment and Research Unit Opened

    Under direction of Dr. R. W. Boston

  • 1967

    Neonatal ICU is opened by Dr. Boston

  • 1968

    Dr. A. Froese joins Dr. Boston at NICU


  • 1970

    Dr. Partington Appointed Head of Pediatrics


  • 1970

    Children's Outpatient Centre Opens


  • 1973

    Opening of Regional Centre for Handicapped Children

    Regional Centre for Handicapped Children opens in basement of Nickel Wing at KGH

  • 1975

    Division of Medical Genetics is formed

    Division of Medical Genetics is formed within Department of Pediatrics. Dr. Simpson is first chair

  • 1976

    Dr. Boston appointed Head of Pediatrics

  • 1978

    Child Development Centre Opens at KGH

    Child Development Centre opens in basement of Nickel Wing at KGH

  • 1979

    Pediatric Units at KGH and HDH amalgamated


  • 1984

    Pediatric Unit relocates to HDH Jeanne Mance Wing

    Relocated to HDH with 45 beds, including 5 bed intensive care unit and 10 bed short stay unit. COPC and CDC move to HDH

  • 1985

    Sister N. Kenny appointed Head of Pediatrics

  • 1988

    Dr. B. Wherrett appointed Head of Pediatrics

  • 1997

    Inpatient Pediatrics relocates to KGH Burr 1

    Relocated to KGH Burr 1 Bawden Unit except for intensive care, which is co-located with adults on Kidd 2

  • 1998

    Dr. K. Dow appointed Head of Pediatrics

  • 2009

    Dr. J. Smythe appointed Head of Pediatrics

  • 2009

    Inpatient Pediatrics relocates to Kidd 10 at KGH

    Relocated to 21 bed unit at KGH and includes 6 critical care beds

  • 2010

    Dr. S. Jones appointed Head of Pediatrics


  • 2013

    Dr. R. Connelly appointed Head of Pediatrics